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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yarn Ball Tutorial

What You'll Need:

  • 1 skein 5 oz. Yarn (if you want a two-tone ball, you'll need two skeins of yarn, but you'll only use half of each)

  • cereal box

Preparing the Template:

  1. Trace a plate or bowl on the inside of your cereal box. Your outer circle should measure 8.5" across. Trace a cup in the middle of the larger circle. This should measure approximately 3.25" across. Do this twice

  2. Cut out around the outside of the larger circle. Cut out the inner circle, so you're left with a doughnut shape.

Preparing the Yarn:

  1. Pull out about 4 feet of yarn and fold in half (so you have about two feet of yarn). Set aside. You will use this to tie the ball together at the very end.
  2. Roll yarn into several balls (usually about 5). Your first ball should fit through the hole in your ball template. Make each ball a little smaller than the first. If you are worried about the size of your balls, make the first one to fit through the hole, and then make the others as you need them when wrapping the yarn.

If you chose to use two colors, roll the two colors together into one ball.
If you are using two colors, you will only use half of each skein of yarn. Again, make about 5 balls, the biggest fitting snugly through the hole in your template, the next 4 each getting a little smaller.

Making your Ball:

  1. Put your two cereal box templates together. If you have folds in your templates, make sure to offset them so you don't have a weak spot.
  2. Start your yarn on the outside of your circle. Send your ball through the hole in the middle, and then around the outside. Continue wrapping yarn around template so you have a nice even layer of yarn all the way around your cereal box.
  3. When your yarn ball runs out, cut ends so they are on the outer edge of the template.
  4. Continue wrapping yarn around the template, until you have used your entire skein of yarn (or ½ of two skeins). Yes, this takes a while, so do it while you watch a movie!

  5. Warning: This step sounds a lot scarier than it really is! You will want to have someone else around to have you help at the end of this step. Along the outer edge of your circle, push the yarn to each side so you can see the cereal box. Work your scissors in between the two doughnuts. Cut yarn along outer edge. Turn and continue cutting. Your yarn should stay pretty much in place. You'll want to hold it a little in the middle, but as long as you are not too waving it around, it will stay in place.
  6. With your long string or yarn that you saved at the beginning, work yarn in between two layers of cereal box to the core. Now your yarn should pull away from the cereal box and should all be at the center. Wrap yarn tightly several times around your ball. I make my husband do this step so he can get it really tight. Tie two or three times. Again, have someone helping you with the tying so you can make sure your ball is tight.
  7. Carefully pull off cardboard and shake your ball. Trim any strands that seem longer.


A word of caution: You may occasionally have a strand of yarn fall out. Make sure your children are not intentionally pulling the yarn out, or it will become looser and looser.


  1. way fun! Good description and good pics.

  2. This look great, I can't wait to try it. Maybe I will make one for my daughter's birthday. Thanks